New International Waldorf School opens in August 2019

Welcome to the international section of Byens Steiner School.

We are excited to let you know that we have decided to move forward with the English line for the kindergarten (children born in 2013) and 1st grade (children born in 2012) at Byens Steiner School.
It is a new initiative and the school opens in August 2019 at Nyelandsvej 68-74, Frederiksberg.
We are building the train while we are riding on it, so we will need all the help we can get in regards to decorating the class rooms, getting the outdoor areas ready, and finding the right people. Feel free to send an email to if you would like to help. Then we will add you to our list of volunteers.

Right now we are very busy hiring dedicated and experienced teachers.

There are still a few places left in our kindergarten classes, the international class and 1st to 5th grade.

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Now you have the opportunity to financially support the Byens Steinerskole with MobilePay  – press 42887.

Byen Steinerskole, CPH International Waldorf School


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We want to start a Steiner-school, because:

Children are different

All children are different, and therefore Byens Steinerskole must teach in a way that takes this into account.

No grades or exams

The most important evaluation takes place in the daily dialogue between teacher and student.

Crafts and music

A versatile teaching where theoretical, artistic and practical subjects are equal.


A Steiner-school is an education for formation and community.