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Waiting list & open house at Lærkelunden

Lærkelunden has its own waiting list.

In order to sign up on the waiting list for Lærkelunden, all interested parents shall attend one of our open houses. Here you get the chance to see the facilities and hear about the kindergarten’s daily life and pedagogical approach.

At the moment we are not able to have open house for groups of parents. Therefore please sign-up using this form, then we will contact once it is possible to have open house again.

Since we are a small institution, there will not be that many openings every year. That means that we will approximately have 5-6 openings when school begins.

There is curently no availability and children that shall start this summer have already been enrolled. We do not expect any availability untill summer 2021.

When an opening occurs, the staff choose a child from the waiting list, that fits into the current group of children, and offer the spot to the parents.

Children on the waiting list are chosen based on the following criteria’s:

  • Siblings to children in the kindergarten or school are firstly offered the spot according to the date of need and age.
  • We have emphasis on that there is an age and gender distribution, so that there are grounds for new friendships between the children. At the same time, the age distribution ensures that we do not have to replace the whole group at once.

Please be aware that we already have many children listed on the waiting list.

It is not yet decided when an international group will be established.

To sign-up your child for the international group, you must, in accordance with the municipality’s guidelines, be able to document that you are staying in Denmark for a short time. Documentation can be either:

  • a residence permit on the basis of employment
  • an employment letter with an end date
  • documentation that the parents have been posted abroad, the parents must be posted abroad or that posting abroad is an expected part of one’s employment.


Questions about admission or waiting list please sent an e-mail to or
call the office on Mondays between 12.30-1.30 pm on phone 71 96 70 52