- The International Department of Byens Steinerskole

Teaching for the mind, heart and hand

Byens Steinerskole is an independent school, approved by the Ministry of Children and Education. The school is recognized to have an international department, where the language of instruction is English.
Approval is granted if the school or one of its divisions primarily caters to children with foreign parents, who live in Denmark and remain in Denmark for a shorter space of time.

We welcome children from all over the world, regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds.

The distinguishing feature of our school is our holistic educational approach: Physical education, handicrafts, the arts, and respect for the natural world and each other are of equal importance to proficiency in mathematics and literacy. This balanced educational approach is what we call learning with head, heart, and hands.

Our teaching and curriculum are based on the Waldorf curriculum, but also fulfill the requirements and goals set by the Ministry of Children and Education. This means that the learning objectives of the curriculum are in line with the education provided in a Danish public school. 

A truly international curriculum

There are around 1200 Waldorf schools and more than 2000 Waldorf kindergartens in more than 70 countries worldwide. In Europe alone, there are nearly 180 000 children who follow Waldorf education.

Waldorf education is the fastest-growing progressive pedagogy in the world.

While all schools have celebrated the centenary, we feel we are a living, dynamic movement.

An Independent School with Strong Values

  •  Inclusiveness, respect, safety, commitment, and a sense of responsibility are core to us. That is why we are a certified UNICEF Rights School
  • Immersion and coherence raise the academic level and strengthen the academic subjects
  •  Art and music are part of the daily teaching
  •  The pupils work with their hands in all subjects – the work of the hands is crucial for mental development
  •  Coherence between subjects ensures a meaningful learning experience for the pupils
  •  Community and belonging are at the center of the learning environment, and the school life
  •  Sustainability and nature are integrated at all grade levels
  •  We are a mobile-free school and the teaching is entirely digital-free until class 7
  •  We are a grade and exam-free school, where various forms of evaluation ensure a focus on high academic, social, and personal development for all.


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