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Inspection report

Inspection and the statutory evaluation

Each year, parents to students at a free schools elect an inspector to conduct an evaluation of the quality of the education provided by the school. The inspector assesses if the quality of the curriculum and the students academic levels are at level with the municipal primary and lower secondary school. 

The inspector is impartial and cannot adapt the parents association’s view on the matter

The inspector elected by the parents association has to be certified by the government’s Agency for Education and Quality in order to be licensed to do the inspection. At last year’s general assembly of the International Waldorf School Copenhagen, parents elected Annelise Dahlbæk as their inspector. 

Annelise Dahlbæk is licensed to conduct these inspections at free schools both with danish and english as their teaching languages and therefor did the inspection of the danish as well as international department. To read more visit

As a free primary and lower secondary school we are obliged to publish the inspection report written for the Ministry of Education’s inspection portal. 

You can read a summary of the inspection reports or see the official reports in Danish below: