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ParentIntra (ForældreIntra) is the digital communication platform between school and parents. With ParentIntra you can see practical information, follow what is happening in your child’s class, sign up for events and much more.

You logon ParentIntra:

  1. either on the school’s homepage (if you are a new parent, you have to login to the homepage first, and then download the app)
  2. or through the PareantIntra App, that can be downloaded at App store/ Androied Play store

Information about the ParentIntra App can be seen


How to log in:

If you have a Unilogin, then you can use that to login at ParentIntra. Are you a new parent at the school, or have you lost your username then you can login with your NemId at Unilogin.

If you don’t know your UniLogin:

  1. Go to the webpage MitUniLogin (My Unilogin)
  2. Click on “Glemt brugernavn eller adgangskode” (I don’t know my username or password)
  3. Click on “Log ind med NemId”
  4. You get your UniLogin username (brugernavn), and can choose to create your own personal password
  5. Now you are ready to login to ParentIntra

You may also follow this guide.


Do you experience trouble getting access, please contact the school office at