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Vacations and Festivals 2020/21

2020 Holidays, vacation days and special events

Thursday August 13th at 8.30: First day of school, class 1-6.

Friday August 14th at 10.00: First day of school, kindergarten class

Saturday September 5th: School day and harvest festival

Thursday September 29th: Saint George

Monday October 12-16th: Autumn Holiday

Saturday October 24th: School day and UN-day

Sunday November 29th: School day and Christmas bazar – CANCELLED

Friday December 4th: Advent Spiral

Monday December 21st – January 5th: Christmas Holiday


2021 Holidays, vacation days and special events

Saturday February 6th: School day and Candelarum Festival

Monday February 15th – Friday 19th: Winter Holiday

Monday March 29th – April 5th: Easter Holiday

Saturday April 24th: Spring Festival

Friday April 30th: Day off

Thursday May 13th: Day off

Friday May 14th: Day off

Monday May 24th: Day off

Saturday June 19th: School day and midsummer festival

Monday June 28th: Summer h

Monday June 28th – July 2nd: Activity club (signup needed)

Monday August 2nd – Friday 6th: Activity club (signup needed)