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Welcome to Lærkelunden

The Kindergarten Lærkelunden is a small private institution with 31 kids in the age 1-6 years old. We are three pedagogical staff members and two assistants.

We are integrated with the Byens Steinerskole and most of the children in the kindergarten continue in school when they turn 6 years old. Many of the children in the kindergarten have siblings in school.

Our work is based on Rudolf Steiner’s impulse and children’s vision. This means that we seek to create an oasis, with a recognizable and rhythmic everyday life, with room for play, music, storytelling, care and good communities.

Lærkelunden is the children’s second home – therefore we put much effort into creating an aesthetic and cozy place, where the children can evolve and get great experiences.

We strive to create a sustainable kindergarten with care, respect and joy among each other, the nature and our common home – Lærkelunden.