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Assessment of the school's comprehensive program of teaching and learning

An independent primary and lower secondary school must regularly evaluate the school’s comprehensive education and provide a plan for follow-up on the results of the evaluation. The school must assess whether the teaching fulfills the content of the curriculum and the learning outcomes formulated by the school.

The school defines itself as whether anything other than the teaching of the various subjects and areas of specialization are part of the ” comprehensive education”.

The school chooses the form of evaluation and which evaluation method(s) it will use.
Read more in the Danish Statutory Act on Independent and Private Primary and Lower Secondary Schools. Can be read in Danish here

At Byens Steinerskole, the school’s teachers and the school leadership select two to three areas for evaluation each year. Based on the school’s teaching plans, the results achieved during the school year in question and based on the school’s overall evaluation system and efforts, we look at whether the school’s teaching measures up to the public school and whether we measure up to our own purpose and values as an independent school inspired by Waldorf education.

Evaluation of the school’s overall teaching 2021-22 (in Danish)

Evaluation of the school’s overall teaching 2022-23