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After-School Program

The after-school program is for students in grades 0 to 3, in the International and Danish sections.

The after-school program is open on all school days after school until 16:30. Fridays until 16:00. Some closing days can be found on the website under Holidays-vacation-days-and-events.

The after-school program also offers morning care from 7:30-8:30.
Morning care must be booked separately. The price for morning care can be found on the website under School Fees.

The after-school program is a place of recreation and spare time for the children.
When the school day ends, the after-school program welcomes the children and together we create a safe and cozy haven with a safe and homely atmosphere. We focus on building a sense of community, imagination, and co-operation, and that the children are happy and satisfied.

We emphasize that the various activities and trips are voluntary.  The children are involved in the practical tasks of the day, talking, socializing, reading, telling stories, and playing games. We offer both gross and fine motor activities where children can be assisted by an adult. Immersion in play or in an activity where we use our hands and body is something we emphasize. On certain days, it will be possible to build a bonfire, go on a hike, or do woodwork in the workshop. There is also room for free play and to follow spontaneous ideas within the framework we set.


Our ethical principles

The ethics in our pedagogy are about having basic interpersonal skills, i.e. the ability to interact with other people in an ethically qualified manner. Our starting point is the fine principles of care, recognition, inclusion, charity, respect for the autonomy of others, justice, presence and empathy. But our ethical practice doesn’t stop with reflecting on these abstract concepts; we need to practice them in the different situations we encounter in our daily lives (for example, there is a difference between recognising a child, a parent or a colleague). We need to use our intimate experiences to understand other people and our ethical principles. Ethical practice is not just the ability to implement higher ideal norms, but to navigate conflicting interests, dilemmas, priorities and constantly changing conditions in everyday life.


The rhythm of the day

At the end of the school day, the staff welcomes the children as the classes are dismissed. The staff greets each child and introduces them to the day’s program. Afterward, all children have the opportunity to choose what they want to do. If there are challenges in choosing how to spend their free time, the staff will help the child in finding a solution. Sometimes the child needs to be helped into a game or activity.

Children have different needs, it may be that after a school day, they want to relax and withdraw from the large community to calm down and refuel, or they want to play a little wildly with others as they have lots of energy.

The after-school program offers some regular activities that the child can experience every day: It can be the Drawing activity, board game café, reading corner, or the playground (next to the school in our neighbor’s schoolyard). We also do activities that fit the rhythm of the seasons, with a focus on being aware of and reflecting on the dynamics of nature. We work with different materials that we find in nature (flowers, branches, stones, etc.) and that we, in relation to Waldorf education, prefer (wool, beeswax, watercolors, etc.).
Some activities are offered over several weeks to allow for immersion and for all children to try them out. Often an activity also develops in a new direction because children use their imagination; here we support the children’s vision, approach, and process.

Daily activities for the after-school program:

12.45-16.00: Free play, activities, trips
13.45-14:15: Snacks (fruit, crispbread, buns, butter, vegetables)
16:00-16:30: Shared clean-up
16.30 (Fridays at 16.00): The after-school program closes


Clothing and play toys

In the after-school program, your child needs Rainwear, rubber boots, and slippers in the wardrobe. They should have extra clothes in their bag and always bring clothes suitable for the time of year. We’re outside every day in all kinds of weather, and if you have a child who loves to play with water and mud, it’s a good idea to have an extra tracksuit/rainwear.

In our experience, it creates the best opportunities for shared play if the children leave their private toys at home and use the Fritidshjemmets toys instead. It is therefore not allowed to bring your own toys to the Fritidshjemmet.


Agreements on play dates

Play dates should preferably be made the day before and we would like to be notified. This also applies to events such as joint birthdays.


Picking up your child or when the child has to go home by themselves

When you pick up your child, we would like to greet you if there is time and opportunity… At the same time, we also ask that you make the pick-up relatively quick.

We would like to know if your child will be picked up or will be leaving on their own – and if so, when. When there are any changes, please let us know in writing to avoid any misunderstandings. It’s also important for us to know when someone other than you is picking up your child.

When we have said goodbye, the child will tick themselves off on the tick lists. We ask you, the adult picking up the child, to check that this is done correctly.


Mobile phones

The entire school area is a mobile phone-free zone. Both for students, parents, and staff; however, in the after-school program we have a mobile phone that we use to get urgent messages from you.
If it is necessary to use your phone, please refer to the area outside the schoolyard and garden, e.g. by the bicycle parking.

The after-school program’s cell phone is only used by the staff, and as we prefer to spend time with the children, we ask everyone to only call or text if it is of the utmost importance.


Holidays and days off

The after-school Program is available for 2 weeks during the school summer holidays: The last week in June and the first week in August. The after-school program is closed during all other holidays, as well as the last day before the Christmas and summer holidays.

Please contact the office, or read more on the website under Holidays-vacation-days-and-events.


Parents’ meetings

The staff attends one parent meeting in each of the classes per year. Co-operation and contact with parents is an important part of the work in the After-school program.

You can usually always have a chat with the staff when picking up your child. However, our focus is on the children, so if there is not enough time when you pick up your child, please arrange a meeting with us. For example, we might set aside time the next day for a quick chat or a meeting where we sit down in a quiet place.
You can also contact us on Skoleintra.