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Meet the Board

The Board has the overall management of the school. Together with the school principal, they are responsible to the Ministry of Education regarding finances and operations. The day-to-day management is handled by the school principal.

It is the board that is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the teaching is commensurate with that of a public school and that the school prepares the pupils to live in a society such as the Danish with freedom and democracy, and that the school strengthens and develops the students’ democratic culture.

The school receives a subsidy from the Danish State to cover the general costs related to education. The board determines the amount of the school fees, which covers the remaining amount.

Members of the Board

Elected at the General Assembly, April 29th 2023:

  • Marie Holck Gregersen, Chair of the board, Elected at the parent group’s annual meeting
  • Sebastian Rottmair, Vice Chair, Elected at the parent group’s annual meeting
  • Lærke Johansson, Cashier, Elected at the parent group’s annual meeting,
  • Julie Bruun, Elected at the parent group’s annual meeting
  • Nikhil Thakur, Elected at the parent group’s annual meeting
  • Krister Janver, Alternate on the board
  • Gustavus Murray, Alternate on the board

From left: Sebastian, Lærke, Julie, Marie, Krister, Nikhil & Gustavus

The school’s board is elected at the annual general assembly by the parents’ group and the school group respectively. See also The School Statutes (in Danish only). The composition of the board is defined in the Statues.

The board organizes board meetings approximately every third month. In addition, the board members participate in working committees attached to the board, such as:

  • The Finance Committee
  • The building committee
  • The Parents’ Council meetings
  • The maintenance committee
  • Parents’ meetings
  • Meetings with external partners
  • and much more.

If you have any questions or a specific topic you would like to put on the agenda for the next board meeting, please write to us at:

Are you considering running for the board, you are welcome to contact the board to hear more about what it entails.