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School fees

School fees

The school fees include school meals, SFO (after-school program), tuition, and school trips etc. The total monthly fee (11 months) for school year 2019/2020 is:

  • DKK 3,100 for the first child
  • DKK 2,750 for the second child
  • DKK 2,350 for any additional children from the same family.

Enrolment fee and deposit

  1. When you enroll your child(ren), you also accept paying a fee of DKK 5,000 per family to the school’s account 8401 1051251. This has to happen no later than May 1st of the year the child starts school.
  2. A deposit of 3 months’ school fee per family is to be paid before June 1st, 2019 (from 2020, no later than August 1st) The deposit is set off against the school fees during the last 3 months of payment when leaving the school.

Terms of payment

School fees are 11 instalments annually (July is free).

The monthly payment must be set up as automatic payments via betalingsservice/ PBS (direct debit payment service).

If you do not use PBS we will charge an administration fee of DKK 75 per deposit.

In case of late payment, reminders are sent:

  • 14 days late with fee of DKK 50
  • 1 month late with fee of DKK 100.

If leaving the school 3-month notice must always be given.

The withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the school office.

Grants for reduction of school fees

Fordelingssekretariatet makes a limited amount of money available as a subsidy for the reduction of school fees. The funds are distributed based on the application and parents’ income basis. The application form is handed out to all parents at the beginning of the school year. The deadline for applications is September 15th.