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Sydney Viles
Class teacher, WISC

Sydney Viles

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I have a masters degree in in teaching from Bank Street College in New York City and a CELTA-certification.

I have a wide range of teaching experiences. From eight years in the classrooms to teaching in circuses and theatres. I have also worked with gymnastics and conflict resolutions with children.

I grew up in Oregon, USA and moved to Copenhagen with my danish husband in 2019

Class teacher, WISC

Elika Harton

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I have a Cand.scient. soc. i Public Relations and a background in communications besides being a psychotherapist and teacher specialised in foreign language didactics.

I have more than 15 years teaching experience from Rygaards iInternational School and Zahles where I was a class teacher, taught Danish, English, German and social sciences. Besides I’ve done projects on internationalization focussed on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

I grew up internationally and went to international schools in Germany and USA.

I volunteer at BørneTelefonen (anonymous help hotline for children) and I’m always there if a student needs someone to talk to.

My two daughters are also in Steiner Schools.

Class teacher

Martina Oliart

Class teacher

Sarah Christensen

Kindergarten class teacher

Tina Hofbæk

Class teacher

Mette Korsgaard

Class teacher

Heidi Søgaard

Class teacher

Rie Fridorf

Class teacher

Anneli Laursen

Handycrafts teacher

Joen Kaaber

Profilbilde - Anders Berntsen
Class teacher

Anders Berntsen

Class assistent, WISC

Anna Exner

Music-, arts- & crafts teacher

Charlotte Lundström

Kitchen and activity club

Kitchen manager

Ann-Katrine Versterre

Activity club

Karl Østergaard

Activity club

Anna Exner

Activity club leader & German teacher

Julie Vogelsberger

Administration og management

School secretary

Zainab Khairoun

Head of the international department, Waldorf International School Copenhagen (WISC)

Elika Harton

Administrative leader

Stine Guldmann

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I stated working at the school in April 2020 as administrative leader. Although practically involved with all aspects of the school, I mainly work with administation, staff, finances, communication, operation, and strategic management. I have a Cand. Merc. Int., International Business Administration and a business coach degree.

Together with Frederikke, I form the top management of the school.

Frederikke_ portræt_horisontal#2
Constituted principal

Frederikke Larsson

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I’m the constituted principal of the school since February 2020. I work on the academic and pedagogical development, staff, communication, the schools network and contact with parents. I hold a Cand.mag. in Visual Communications and Aesthetics degree and I’m a Steiner/Waldorf teacher besides being the initiator and co-founder of the school. Since 2016 I’ve been on the board of the European Council og Steiner Waldorf Education.


Together with Stine I form the top management of the school