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Withdrawal Process


As a school we are interested in facilitating a dialogue between the families and the management and teacher. The process is founded on a high degree of collaboration between the school and the families. 


  • The parents are invited to a meeting with the class teacher and the school management to discuss and adopt a plan of action.


  • The parents (and if the it it is deemed appropriate considering the situation and the age of the child also the student) are invited to follow-up meetings with the class teacher and the school management. This it to evaluate the current status and see what else the school, the student and the families do to improve the situation.


  • If the situation is not improving the parents are invited to a meeting with the management to look for any further possible solution. This is the time parents can be informed that the process will end ceasing the enrollment at WISC, if the family fails to achieve the needed changes.


  • If the families fail to pursue their part in the action plan or if it is not succesfull, the last option can be to disenroll the student from WISC. The grace of the disenrollement depends on the circumstances and individual situation. 

The four steps above should be considered a minimum. More meetings, calls etc. can be arranged upon agreement. The duration of the process is also something the school and the families agree on together.

Both the school management and the parents will have to sign the minutes of all meetings in the process described above. This is to secure that we all have the same foundation and an agreed upon plan of action.


Withdrawel of a student has to be done in writing, see below form, with 3 months notice to the first of the month. This both applies to the school and activity club. The enrollment fee will not be refunded. Tuition fees payed in advance (the deposit) will be considered payment for the last three month. 


If you have decided to withdraw your child from the Waldorf International School Copenhagen we ask that you first inform the class teacher. After that, please fill out this form with the students information.