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Happy children who thrive, learn best!

Kindergarten is the child’s first year at school. The child comes to school full of expectation and confidence, and it is the school’s task to maintain this confidence and joy in learning.

Our goal for the first school year is to make the child feel comfortable in his new daily life. We create space for the child to develop the courage to take small and big steps and nurture the desire to participate in all school activities. At Byens Steiner School, learning is organized according to the child’s premises in order to create the best basis for development, growth and well-being. Happy children who thrive, learn best!


Well-being, practice and mastering

The class teacher follows the class all day. In this way, the children and the teacher create a good and close relationship. The children learn to listen to each other, wait for their turn and work quietly and concentrated. The children practice being brave by trying out new boundaries. They learn to be part of a group, while being seen as individuals who respect each other’s differences.

The class teacher focuses on practicing different skills, where the results often first appear over time. The process is important for the child’s learning. The experience of masterring something grows as the child makes an effort and tries again and again.


Continous rhythms and frameworks for learning

The school day is built up with a continuous rhythm that repeats every day, while tasks and exercises progress as students develop new skills. The school day alternates between free play, concentrated work and joint activities, both inside and outside. Physical activity and development are important. Jump, hitch, throw, catch, hang, slide, pull, balance, lift, run, carry and spin. And afterwards, when you have used your body, the body can relax when we gather again in the classroom. To hammer nails in, cut, sew, wash, bake, draw, paint – this gives the student good bodily control and develops fine motor skills. Knowing their body and being able to use it for both small and large movements is important for all further learning. To be able to write by hand or on a keyboard, to be able to calculate and construct, create, develop and master new skills. At the Byens Steiner School, the school day in the kindergarten class is not divided into different subjects. We try to create a holistic approach to the day and to the various topics that the day contains. Through play, exploration on their own and joint activities, the various subject areas are practiced. Students get a solid foundation for further learning and meet their subjects in a practical and sensory way. Here are some examples:



The words are related to action, emotions and objects. Songs, poems and verses in Danish and other languages ​​develop language sensation and language skills. Daily storytelling, conversation and play strengthen vocabulary and language understanding.



The students use numbers in practical situations in work and play and become familiar with sizes and quantities. To divide, subtract and add, count and multiply.



Walking in the local area, climbing in trees, school garden, earthworms in the raised planting beds, hives and insects, bird seeds on feed boards, compost captains and life in the compost, flame and glow, fermentation processes in bread and baking.



Water running, wheels turning, construction projects in sand. Understanding technical tools is related to understanding body and function. Seeing and experiencing what you can do gives admiration and interest in what technology can do for us. This forms the basis for later use of technical tools in a sensible manner. We do not have computers.


Learning through play

To play freely is to practice life; interaction, social movement, dialogue and negotiation. Playing is creative, demanding and evolving. Through playing, the students examine new situations, digest things they have heard or experienced, and learn from each other. They examine, challenge, discuss and adapt. Play is the child’s own learning method, therefore play is important at Byens Steiner School. By giving students a rich and lively first year of school, we lay the foundation for the development of lifelong learning. We offer a unique kindergarten education. We emphasize the child’s experience of being capable, thereby ensuring a continuing desire to learn. We do not learn for school, but for life!

Play is learning for life!


Areas of Competence

In the kindergarten class, the teaching revolves around seven areas of competence that are practiced through play, interaction and educational activities during the school day:

  • Language
  • Body and movement
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Ethical values
  • Social skills
  • Sense and observation
  • Motivation and concentration

Do you want to know more? If you would like more information, please contact Byens Steiners School, admin@byenssteinerskole.dk

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