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Music School

Our music programme at the school

We have a unique and vibrant music programme at the school – both during and after school hours. And we are very proud of this!

All of the school’s students play in an orchestra from 1st to 9th grade: 1st and 2nd grade play in a class orchestra, 3rd and 4th grade play together in a small string orchestra, 5th and 6th grade play together in a small symphony orchestra, and 7th to 9th grade play together in a large symphony orchestra.
All orchestra lessons are during school hours.
All classes also have weekly choir and music lessons during school hours. In addition, the entire school sings together every morning in the assembly after the main lesson.

The various orchestras and choirs perform for parents and other interested guests at the school’s Christmas bazaar and the Midsummer celebration.

In other words, music is a big part of the everyday life of the school.

Compulsory instrumental music lessons

Instrumental music lessons are compulsory for all students from 3rd to 9th grade so that each student can improve their skills for orchestra lessons and develop their own musicality on their instrument.

The instrumental lessons are administered by Den Kreative Skole, who is responsible for all organisation and administration of instrumental lessons and musical extracurricular activities. All questions regarding this must therefore be directed to them. Remember to read the terms and conditions carefully when you enrol.

All instrumental lessons take place at the school primarily after school, but in some exceptional situations also during the school day.

We recommend that students in 3rd and 4th grade grade choose group instrumental lessons. Group lessons can help motivate students when the lessons are socially based and students can motivate each other. If a student enjoys playing solo, this is of course also an option. There is a special registration for team and solo lessons for our students on Den Kreative Skoles website (Please see further down).

For students in grades 5th to 9th, we recommend that students sign up for solo lessons. Of course, if some students still want group lessons, that is also an option. Talk to the school’s music coordinator if this is a wish.

Students in Class 0 and 1st grade are not required to enrol for instrumental lessons.


Choice of instrument

At the end of kindergarten, the school’s music teachers visit the class and show the children the different string instruments: Violin, Viola and Cello. Each child chooses, in collaboration with the music teacher and you as parents, which instrument they wish to play from 1st grade onwards.

At the start of the school year in 1st grade, the class forms a small class orchestra, which receives lessons on their string instruments twice a week.

The student plays their string instrument until 4th grade, where it becomes possible to either switch to another instrument that is part of a symphony orchestra or to continue on the same instrument. This choice is made in cooperation with the orchestra teacher, student and parents.


Acquiring a musical instrument

Families are expected to purchase or rent instruments elsewhere. The music teachers will be available to provide guidance in the event of a new acquisition.

Unfortunately, the school does not have instruments available and it is therefore not possible to rent musical instruments from the school.


Additional music lessons during spare time

In addition to the compulsory orchestral instruments, you can also participate in a wide range of other musical leisure activities in your free time.


How to enrol

Link to direct enrolment:

Group lessons for class 3-4IC 

Solo lessons for 5th to 9th grade


Prices and fees

See prices on Den Kreative Skole’s website