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Class 2

From Class 2 and onwards, the subjects are divided into two main streams: subjects that deal with or unfold in time, such as history and music, and spatial subjects such as geography and crafts.

Legends and fables, two genres that are very different in quality and form, are given to the children as oral stories that are retold and written in the main lesson book. Through the legends, children meet people who struggle with their own selfish forces but end up dedicating their lives to others. The legends can awaken the child’s ideals of what a human being can become.

The animal fables depict different spiritual qualities that are free from duties and constraints, where animals live out their instincts and care for no one but themselves. They represent spiritual one-sidedness and tendencies in a caricatured and humorous way. The animal fables are thus closer to our own everyday life, and students understand that it is human qualities that are expressed through the different peculiarities of animals.

At this level, the students work with the seasons, days of the week, months, and time to make temporality a practical tool for orientating in the world and building an understanding of today and tomorrow.

The students are now able to describe in their own words the topics they are working on, both orally and in writing.

The qualities of numbers and the four types of arithmetic are practiced in a variety of ways so that all students can master them. Working with the world of numbers requires seriousness and calmness, and this is emphasized through movement and play in the classroom.

Duty is a central motif in Class 2 and the key aspect of further socialization of the class is to teach children to observe the rules of social interaction.

Main Lesson Topics:

  • Fables and animal stories from around the world

  • Language arts

  • Form drawing

  • Arithmetic

Special Subjects

  • German

  • Choral music

  • Handwork and craft

  • Drawing and Painting

  • Beeswax modeling

  • Danish

  • Drama

  • Flute and String orchestral instrument